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Tin Thread
[4 Ag]



TNKreativt Tin Thread is manufactured by us.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Tin Thread which is excellent for braiding used to make Tin Thread bracelets and other embroidery that is part of our tradition up here in the North. We sell Tin Thread (Pewter Thread) in the following dimensions 0.25 , 0.30 , 0.35 , 0.40 , 0.45 . Which correspond to the diameter of the tin thread before it is spun. The total dimension of the spun tin thread is as follows. We sell our Tin Thread by meter.

0.25mm Tin Thread has an outer diameter 0.70mm

0.30mm Tin Thread has an outer diameter 0.80mm

0.35mm Tin Thread has an outer diameter 0.90mm

0.40mm Tin Thread has an outer diameter 1.05mm

0.45mm Tin Thread has an outer diameter 1.15mm 

Our discount system applies to the dimensions  of Tin Thread mentioned above and the different dimensions and colours of Copper Thread mixed together.The discount is subtracted automatically in your shopping cart.

1-49 meters = 17 SEK/meter

50-99 meters = 14.50 SEK/meter

100-199 meters = 13.25 SEK/meter

200-499 meters = 12.50 SEK/meter

500-999 meters = 11.50 SEK/meter

1000+meters = 11.00 SEK/meter

                       Quantity means No. of meters
             for example 1 Quantity= 1 meter

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